Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Glory Glory Man Utd...

I want to dedicate this post to my friend Jon.

I cannot explain the immense joy I shared in watching Drogba (click the'll probably get a chuckle) walk off the field.
(I'll admit that it was not as joyous as my celebration when that final save was made, but I digress.)
All for a slap.
I mean, come on! My kids can hit harder than that.
If you're going to swing at someone, you might as well make it worth it.
Wouldn't you agree?

Anyways, the glorious Double has been won.
Manchester United are the Kings of England and of Europe.
I will sleep well tonight.


jon said...

Nice link. THanks for the dedication. Thankfully I'm not a diehard Chelsea fan. I'm mourning the Liverpool loss more than this one. However, it was heartbreak to see John Terry blow it like that. Death for him, redemption for Ronaldo, all in a minute or two. The thrill of sport eh? It was a great game and I'm happy for you.

That Drogba slap was so stupid, I must admit. My brother is a huge Drogba fan (he saw him play in Marseilles way back when) so I'll have to see what he thought.

Good game.

Don't forget that that wikipedia link applies to Ronaldo as much as anyone. Mind you, he should also appear in wikipedia under "fancy feet". THat crap is amazing.

Knotter said...

Let's keep in mind how much Ronaldo has improved since he started. And let's also keep in mind that he no longer goes down EVERY time he is touched. And let's note the sheer number of players who purposefully try to take him off the ball every time he does his thing.

Drogba? Well...I've lost all respect for you brother! lol