Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday morning recap...

I made it through the teaching time on Sunday. I've basically recovered from the "preaching hangover".

If you haven't experienced one before, it is much akin to attending a middle school lock-in where you spend 9 straight hours playing dodgeball while trying to stay conscious enough to ensure that the building does not get lit on fire by teenage pyromaniacs.

Not that I really know what THAT feels like.

I wrestled with the message right up until almost the last minute (which is odd because I've been working on this message for almost 4 weeks). I found myself doing a MAJOR re-edit on Saturday night because something just wasn't clicking right. And it did seem to finally come together

I tossed out the idea of "doing" something at the last minute. I had grand plans of sending everyone out early to bring back an item for the Food Bank. But alas, it was Mother's Day and I caved into "not doing".

As a visual I placed boxes on the stage, and had volunteers come up and tear off a portion of a box before they sat back down. Only 7 or 8 people came forward, so that still left us with a lot of cardboard. Then I asked people what would happen in every single person in the room would come forward and tear off a portion.

I was trying to draw a parallel to what would happen if we all started working together to right some of the wrongs we see in the world.

And to change things up a bit I intentionally taught from a chair.

(Side note: I'm not a friend of the "pulpit". I don't feel comfortable with it. I feel it puts a barrier between me and the people I am speaking with. So I brought a raised chair and preached from that. Also, our pulpit isn't as massive as the one pictured. I thought you should know this so you don't think we're weird.)

Lastly, some of my students and leaders spoke about Compassion Canada and why they have personally chosen to sponsor children. They hit it out of the park! And I am SO proud of every one of them.

As a result, a pile of kids were sponsored after the service.

I'm rambling...but this let's me evaluate and process.


Anonymous said...

F.Y.I Mike, you were AMAZING Sunday morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire service and you did such a great job. You had the congregation eating out of the palm of your hand (or so it seemed from my view on the balcony). Really really you did such a great job. I admire you for being so personal and honest and for really reaching everyone at their "level". You rocked the joint! I look forward to hearing you preach another Sunday!
PS: the chair was a nice touch... It made you more "real" and you seemed so comfortable.

Knotter said...

Awww shucks....thanks for the kind words.

(And for those of you that think that I just post anonymous comments under fake names....I don't.)

I had 2 conversations today with people who are taking something I said to heart. One decided that for an upcoming birthday they are not giving/accepting presents, but are asking people to donate items to the Food Bank.

Another older man called to say he wants to sponsor a child and get his family to help out. Super cool!

jon said...

preaching hangover. nice description. sounds good mike