Friday, January 01, 2010


Remember the days when you would try to stay up all night just because it was New Year's Eve? I thought those days were over. And then last night we got into some game playing with Erin's parents, and before long it was 4:30am and we were trying to play some domino game with eyes at half-mast.

Fun stuff though...despite the fact that I feel like I'm in slow motion.

Plans for today: pretty much the same as all week, except that we have a family dinner with some of Erin's extended family tonight.

And to offset the Boston-Philadelphia Winter Classic that was on earlier I have thrown on a dvd of the Montreal-Edmonton Winter Classic from 2003.

That's how I'm starting 2010.

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JoshaJacobs said...

Nice jammie pants. Sounds like you guys had fun last night. Say hey to Gene and Kay for me!