Thursday, January 07, 2010

Goal review of 2009...

Here's a few things I was shooting for last year and how I feel I did shooting for in 2009:
  • With the kids - Was home more (I think) and we started "family nights". B+
  • With my wife - Went on some big dates. A
  • With books - Didn't hit 52, but still was over the 40 mark. B
  • With TV - I watched more, rather then less. Fail. D
  • With music - Didn't write anything with lyrics. Didn't practice enough either. D
  • With ministry - Took a silent retreat, started some new ventures. B+
  • With life - Looked at doing something new and promptly decided not to. No grade.
Not very good...but not terrible. I'll be posting this year's goals shortly.

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