Sunday, January 17, 2010

On a whim...

Can we really call a planned spontaneous baptism "impromptu"?

Well...actually...we tried this once in the fall where we invited people who hadn't been baptized to come forward and take the plunge. We didn't have any takers that time, but it opened the door for at least one person to get baptized a few weeks after that.

So we decided to try it again this week.

We had two people already prepared to get baptized, and then we opened it up. We provided some clothing, some hygiene items, towels and we had a group of people ready to meet with each person to hear their story before they got dunked. We ended up having another 4 people come forward to step into the tank!

Mix into this another 2 stories from individuals about what God has been doing in their life, and let's just say it was a morning that you could definitely see God at work.

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