Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some things don't go well...

I encouraged 2010 to be good.

And so far, the reviews are mixed.

United looses to Leeds. Freaking Leeds!!!!

And tonight Canada loses to the US. The freaking US!!!


I am punching these little letter keys with so much venom right now.

On other better news:

My reading goal of 2010 is well underway. (More on that later this week.)

My middle schoolers were a blast to hang out with tonight. (Despite the fact that they raided my office mini-fridge.)

I found half a Mars bar.



Jon Coutts said...

ah, leeds. People were pretty psyched about that game on the radio over here. sorry man.

I think Man U needs you to come see a game sometime soon!? :)

knotter said...

yeah, i should.

can i stay at your house? how long of a commute? ha!

Jon Coutts said...

of course you can stay here! 7 hour drive or train to manchester.