Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Recap...

What's been happening...or not happening:
  • I'm ahead on my daily Bible reading plan.
  • I didn't get out for a run this week.
  • I'm working on #41 by Dave Matthews. I can play it...I just can't seem to do the lyric part yet.
  • I've jumped on the Conan bandwagon. I don't think Leno is funny at all.
  • Lots of things seem unimportant after what happened is Haiti.
  • We have a Compassion kid in Haiti, who lives close to the hardest hit area. No word ye on how he is.
  • I wouldn't mind it if my soccer game got rained out tomorrow.
  • I'm off to District Staff Retreat in Kelowna on Monday. I do not like going when my wife does not come with me, thus I will not be a huge fan of this retreat.
How are you?

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