Friday, January 29, 2010

Can you hear that now...

I enjoyed watching Carlos Tevez play...when he was wearing red. Not a big player in stature, but he was a workhorse that never seemed to quit.

But he ended up being 3rd choice striker at United behind Rooney and Berbatov, so it was inevitable that he wouldn't stick around. But, when he eventually signed a contract with cross town rivals City it was the ultimate disgrace.

City's marketing campaign of "Welcome to Manchester" added more fuel to the fire and you kind of had to chuckle when it turned out that someone splashed red paint on one of the giant billboards.

Then we fast forward to the first leg of the Carling Cup semi final where he scores twice at home to win the game. His goal celebrations of taunting Manchester United players, management and fans alike only confirm that he truly had gone over to the dark side.

Which makes it all the more pleasing that United dumped City out of the Carling Cup on Wednesday with a 3-1 win. How many years is that without a trophy now? Oh yeah...

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Jon Coutts said...

I like when you talk football. I was rooting for Tevez, though.

[Manchester is only a 6 1/2 hour drive man! :)]