Monday, June 02, 2008

What I learned today...

This morning my car was in the shop so I headed down to Starbucks to read and eavesdrop....ummm...I mean interact with people.

I'm actually a huge introvert so I don't really go out of my way to engage people in conversation at coffee shops. I usually keep to myself while I read.

Today I learned that having an interview at Starbucks could net you a free drink. I'm still not sure if that is a sign that the interview went well (in a "hey, we like you, so have a drink on us" kind of way) or if it went poorly ( in a "hey, here's a drink to cheer you up and keep you hopeful while it appeases our guilt for saying no" kind of way).

I also learned of someone's economic status as she and her friend discussed economics, jobs, investment property and putting $12,000 a month into savings. Seriously?!?! $12,000 a month? My brief, however rudimentary, math skills tell me that you ma'am are making a pile of coin.

I know, I's none of my business. But in case you decide to air your financial laundry to the world, my advice to you is please don't do it in a small, cramped coffee shop where everyone can hear EVERYTHING you are saying.

Which now leads me to a question. When you spend time in a coffee shop, do you have your iPod on and your headphones in? Or do you listen to the conversations happening around you?


jon said...

i don't listen to people, really. i also am pretty sure i've said stuff in coffee shops that people listening will drastically misinterpret.

Knotter said...

I NEVER misinterpret anything!

(insert guilty smirk)