Monday, January 12, 2009

For 2009...

Here's a few things I'm shooting for in 2009:
  • With the kids - More reading with them (we're working our way through Narnia), more games, more Lego and more playing.
  • With my wife - Go on more dates.
  • With books - Reading 52 books. (Details can be found here.) But I'm going to try and read a wider variety this year.
  • With TV - Once again I want to try and watch less.
  • With music - Practice my guitar. (There's been a new addition to the household and I need to figure out how to make music with it.) Write some music. Yeah, my own stuff. And maybe if I'm daring enough I may even post it.
  • With ministry - Take "silent" retreats a handful of times during the year. My friend Andrew has been long encouraging me to do this and I was finally able to include it in some written ministry goals after my job evaluation in the late fall.
  • With life - I'd like to try something new.

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