Saturday, January 31, 2009

What does a dad do...

I've done this "solo" parenting thing before (results are found here, here, and here). And it gives me a whole new understanding and appreciation for those parents that have to go the road alone.

If I had to go longer than a week I think we'd be in rough shape.

So, what did I do all day as a single dad?
  • We bundled up and headed off to Aidan's soccer game. I think they won 13-2 and there is much debate as to whether he scored 5 (dad's guess) or 7 (Aidan's modest guess).
  • We had toast for lunch. I know that's a fairly week meal, but we had a short turn around before heading out for my soccer game.
  • We bundled up and headed off to my aforementioned soccer game. A 4-1 loss. I was useless and I blame yesterday's ski trip.
  • We watched the Manchester United game and most of Habs game off the DVR.
  • We grocery shopped. And we bought more than pizza pops and juice boxes. Really.
So, Jon, if you can pass the news along to Erin. We are fine. So far. But supper tonight will not be healthy!


jon said...

bad soccer game? blaming the ski trip? Dude, you ate toast for lunch! There's your problem!

did weibe teach you nothing?

Knotter said...

The only thing Wiebe taught me about diet was to drink hot jello after a game. And I can't find the jello!

And I actually didn't eat toast. I can't stand the stuff unless it comes with an accent (a la french).