Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Truth About You...

My first "official" book review. Sure, I'm offering this one in order to get free books, but I'm cheap.

Book #1
The Truth About You
Marcus Buckingham

It will likely take you longer to watch the DVD that comes with this book than it will take you to read the five chapters. Either way, you can probably pound it out in one sitting (two if you're slower like me).

Buckingham gives what appears to be some great advice for how we should each try to play to our strengths in life (particularly on the job front). He also gives some fairly simple application steps for how you can figure out what your own strengths (and even weaknesses) are.

What’s the goal? To get yourself into a situation (ie - job) where you find yourself working on your strengths a majority of your time while you attempt to pass on your weaknesses to others who are strong in those areas.

Buckingham is a very engaging author who obviously knows how to inspire people. He offers you hope while almost pushing you to believe in yourself. I know it sounds a little simplistic but I’m sure you’ll find the infamous words of Rob Schneider racing through your head, “You can do it!”

As for me, the jury will likely be out until I can work through the ReMemo pad, which is basically the project of figuring out my own strengths and weaknesses.

In short, it’s worth a read if you would like to do some self-reflecting while doing a little “on the job” homework.

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