Sunday, January 11, 2009

Old couch (take 2)...

Today I was cleaning.

(We're having people over to watch 24 tonight so we elected to actually vacuum. I drew the short straw.)

Anyways, I discovered a few treasures in the furthest most recesses of the couch. A Crayon, some Lite-Brite and a Tootsie Roll wrapper.

I know what you're asking now. So what?

Well, it got me thinking about this post where I agreed with an Andy Stanley quote that basically challenges us that it might be time to get rid of (or think of getting rid of) some older traditions in the church.

As I made my discovery today I was reminded that we may need to look inside the couch before we throw it out. We may find a few gems like these:
  • A crayon that my daughter has been missing for some time. She can't seem to color certain things if she's missing the red crayon.
  • Two pieces of Lite-Brite that, while not missed, are still practical and will have multiple artistic uses for years to come.
  • A rolled up Tootsie Roll wrapper that is a remnant of a youth event where our grade 12's spent the evening throwing wrappers at each other. That was months ago and it still makes me laugh.
I guess we should probably look in the cushions before we throw the couch out.

What was the last thing you found in the couch cushions? (Proverbial or otherwise.)


erin said...

a dirty sock...maybe we should clean our couches more often?

Knotter said...

becca found a stupiduel card in the chair today. that one was also a remnant of the grade 12 night.

seriously, how often do we clean our house?!?!

fire the maid!