Monday, January 12, 2009

Reviewing 2008...

Last year I set myself a few goals, so it's probably time I graded myself. Here goes:
  • Books - I smashed my goal, so I'm my own personal hero. (A++)
  • Blogs - My Google Reader still has under 50 subscriptions although I know a few times in the year I drifted into the mid 50's. (B)
  • Music - I learned a few scales and then promptly forgot them. I didn't take any lessons. I didn't even write a song. (F)
  • TV - I stopped watching Lost and Prison Break. I was able to find more time to read, and I know most of that is due to turning off the TV. (B+)
  • Movies - I think I wrote about 19 movies that I watched. I know I watched more but I got lazier with my reviews as the year went on. (C-)
  • Friends - I carved out a little more time with people, but not nearly enough. (D)
  • Finances - This is still a work in progress, but I've been doing ok with the "cash only" approach. (C+)
One other thing I'd like to mention that I didn't write down but it's always a goal, and that's my family. I'd like to think that I spent more time with my family this last year. I'd probably need to ask them to grade me, but I'll give myself a B. I still need to, as Nathan so wisely puts it here, spend more time on the floor.

Stay tuned for some goals for 2009.

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