Friday, June 20, 2008

Bachelor dad still alive...

I told some of you that you should send someone to find me if you hadn't heard from me by Friday. Don't worry...we're all still alive and well. You can call off the search party.

I had these grand blogging plans for this time on my own, but they seem to have been swallowed up by the billion other things that needed to get done. Important things like watching Rambo and eating leftovers.

Wife's been gone:
I lost count.

Things that have happened since my last post:
  • Bought and played Guitar Hero for WAY too long (a dad has to do what a dad has to do, right?)
  • Edited 2 videos for Becca's Kindergarten graduation class
  • Washed half the dishes
  • Cleaned up one bloody nose
  • Played Puerto Rico (decent game...I'd like to play again)
  • Played guitar for a grand total of almost 13 minutes
  • Watched Rambo (I have no problem stating that I loved this movie as it was so very reminiscent of the old ones, just way more violent)
  • Tried to watch one other movie not worth mentioning because it sucked rocks and was a waste of my time. But at least it only cost me $0.88.
  • Attended Kindergarten graduation where my video faced it's world premiere
  • Folded half the laundry (I work best in halves)
  • Got some reading done in 3 books that are in progress
  • Fell asleep watching Dirty Jobs
  • Watched Germany do away with Portugal in Euro 2008
  • I know I'm forgetting a dozen more things (more than likely it's 2 dozen)
  • (I was kidding about Guitar Hero by the way, but I think my wife had a heart attack when she read that.)
Last meal eaten: spaghetti (I'm proud to say it did not come from a can.)

Background tunes:
  • City and Colour "Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)" - I am absolutely loving this! It's winning out over Coldplay by a mile.
Overall Status: Tired and slightly bored. (That goes for all three of us, even though Becca is currently covered in chalk and my sidewalk is turning green and pink. This would probably lead you to believe that she is not actually "bored". My believe is that any kid who has the patience to dispose of that much chalk on concrete must be bored. )

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