Friday, June 06, 2008

Update on life...

Things have been moving around here. For example, yesterday I couldn't find the TV remote for a whole 2 minutes.

Other than that, here's life in a nutshell:
  • Erin (I'd link her blog her but let's be realistic...she has forgotten how to blog) and I tried to go out and watch Indiana Jones. There were only 5 seats open in the theater so we opted for an evening at home. I watched Cops.
  • Went out and bought Indiana Jones Lego for the Wii. No, we don't even own a Wii. But we do have access to a couple so we thought it'd be a fun investment. And yes, all four of us play it.
  • I received commendations this week for a couple of big picture questions that I raised in a staff meeting. I feel smart now.
  • I am entering the last week of student ministry stuff before the summer schedule starts. It will be a crazy week. If you don't hear from me by next Friday, please send someone to find me.
And I should probably update the Reading Contest:

Book #17 - Visioneering by Andy Stanley
Is everything this guy writes gold? I mean sheesh...he makes it sound so easy and simple...and obvious. This book works through developing vision and traces Nehemiah's journey and parallels some of the things leaders may face when trying to follow through with their dreams.

Book #18 - What Matters Most by Doug Fields
Erin doesn't want me to count this book because it only has 100 or so pages. I don't care. I've read this book before and it challenges me to rethink the way I view my schedule and how I spend my time. With the chaos of the last few weeks I decided I should re-read it and then work through some elements of it, which I'm doing in my journal time. Excellent book!

Book # 19 - D.B. by Elwood Reid
I was hoping for more of a story about the legendary DB Cooper and what he did to pull off one of the most daring hijacks and escapes ever. (I'm a big fan of escape stories.) But this book was disappointing. I guess I expected more about the the big heist, and less about what DB may have done with his time in Mexico after the escape.

Book #20 - I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt by Vince Antonucci
This was an impulse buy when I was picking up grad gifts (don't worry, they aren't those typical cheesy grad gifts) at the local Christian ripoff...I mean, retail establishment. The book was 25% off, so we went for it. I don't remember the last time I finished a book in one day (other than the Fields book I mentioned earlier), but this was an easy read that was fairly funny. I was struck by a portion on how we tend to view our life with Jesus as a relationship and he wonders if that is an adequate description. But that's another post entirely, that I'll likely never get around to.

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