Thursday, June 12, 2008

So it ends...

Last night was our last official mid-week event for our students. We're now into "summer scheduling" until September. And I could swear I heard an audible sigh of relief from everyone last night.

Lately the energy and enthusiasm has been down, and last night it seemed to be up a bit more than usual. And no, I don't think that everyone was getting their second wind. I think everyone is just longing for some sort of break in the routine.

Which makes me wonder about church calendars.

And please don't confuse this with me saying that ministry only happens in September through May (sometimes June if you're doing something cool).

When does the ministry year end?

I've seen churches that end off their calendar year in May and they give ALL their volunteers 3 months off to recharge and rest. I've seen churches that go from September right through until the end of June and then give certain ministries a break for 2 months. And I suppose there are churches out there that go year round and never stop anything.

What do you do? Why do you do it?

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dsm said...

I like to end our wed. night program and small group program during the summer months. Two reasons for this are one students are gone a lot during the summer and two it allows us to create momentum.

We do however, theme out our summers and do simple events on wed. in place of our regular program.

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