Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bachelor dad...

My wife's in Winnipeg until Sunday.

She's one of those cool people that gets to be in a wedding.

In the meantime, to show that I am capable of providing care for myself and the two little ones who routinely eat my breakfast cereal, I thought I would apprise you as to my ongoing status.

I'd try and be cool and Twitter, but my wife has my cell phone.  (I'm not entirely sure that that is relevant, but it seems to be a viable excuse for me.)

Wife's been gone: 7 hours

Jobs accomplished:
  • Grocery shopping.  We needed some supplies to make it through the next few days.  I splurged and bought hot sauce and wings.  I've never made wings, so if you have any advice, Friday will probably be wings night for me.
  • Took the trash out (yes, I do this regularly, although I almost forgot tonight because I thought it was Monday.  My mother-in-law has since informed me that it is not Monday.  In reality it is currently Tuesday.  And Tuesday is the night I am supposed to put out the trash.  That said, the trash is now out.
  • Worked on a DVD that needs to be completed for Becca's Grad ceremony on Friday.  I spent the better part of an hour trying to incorporate the teacher's farewell message because it was in the wrong format.
  • Spent almost an hour in the office with the kids.  They drew as I did some emails and returned some phone calls.  Profound stuff for a Tuesday afternoon.
Last meal eaten: hot dogs & beans (I know this will only send the critics into a frenzy as they will feel this proves their case that dads cannot cook and are therefore incapable of providing sustenance for their children.  The only thing I can say to them is "shut up".  We wanted hot dogs & beans tonight.)

On the TV:
  • Watched most of Alvin & the Chipmunks with the kids.  I guess part 2 will be showing tomorrow night.  Not a great movie, but you should have heard my son laugh at the farting part!
  • Currently watching Netherlands vs Romania
Overall Status: Kids are semi-clean, fed, watered and now asleep.  I am still alive.
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the Doug said...

What's your twitter id?
Mine's "dougrobertson"
Tara's is "tarasview"

unmentionables said...

Sounds exactly like our house. In just 2 more sleeps Blaine will be batching it for one whole week. His grocery list...... Hot wings, fries, canned chili, canned stew, natchos and of course....Reeces pieces cereal. Sounds like a belly ache to me.

Knotter said...

Doug...try knotter. But don't expect anything other than a picture of a turtle.

Tammy...that is why Blaine is one of my heroes!