Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday doodles...

Radiohead is playing in the background because I'm trying to be a hip, cool, with-it youth pastor.

It's Thursday, which always tends to be a day of tying up loose ends. Here's a peek into my day:
  • Gather and sort waiver forms for our Mid-Week Escape (we're taking a load of our students to Whytecliff Park for the day) next week.
  • Return phone calls and emails to parents still wanting their kids to join us for said Mid-Week Escape.
  • Do some initial prep work for our student worship teams for fall (big thanks to Taffy for letting me peek at their CRUD form which I think is some quality stuff to consider for any student worship team.)
  • Trying to finish up some administrative details (phone calls, emails, meeting dates, meeting agenda) about our Plan to Protect team that I was put in charge of.
  • Reflecting and making notes based on feedback I received from my leaders at last night's leader meeting.
  • Wondering what I will do with the pile of papers on my desk that never seems to go anywhere. Seriously, I'm in need of some outside help as to how to file.
In other news, go watch Get Smart. Funny, funny movie. We went out with a few of our leaders after our meeting last night to watch it and I enjoyed it more than I have enjoyed most movies I have watched lately.

As for tonight I need to be in two places at once. There's a big board meeting that I want to be at as well as a high school graduation ceremony for a few of my grade 12's. Thankfully both are talking place in the same building so I may be able to pull it off.

It's a long weekend, do you have any plans?


jon said...

radiohead. nice. which one?

Knotter said...

In Rainbows.