Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thoughts on Ronaldo...

Will he or won't he go to Real Madrid?

It appears as though his ego may be getting too big to fit back into the grounds at Old Trafford.

If that's the case, then good riddance.

He's an excellent footballer.  He's done wonders for Manchester United.  And I, for one, would rather that he stepped out of the shadows and commit himself to United.

But no player is bigger than a team.  (Well, maybe Tiger Woods...but he plays golf, so that doesn't count.)  So if Fergie has to offload him, then so be it.

My theory going into Euro 2008 with all the speculation and rumors linking him to Real Madrid was that if Portugal had won the tournament he'd probably be placing a bid on Beckham's old digs.

As it stands with them being eliminated by Germany, my thought is he'll stay at United.  I think losing might have deflated his ego a bit, which may be good for everyone.  Everyone that is,  except for Madrid.

In other news, what on earth happened to the Dutch today?!?!

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1 comment:

jon said...

i say he should go, and good for him. if he's dreamed of playing for real madrid, well, this is his chance. if man U got where they are playing the money game, you win by the sword die by the sword