Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bachelor dad too...

I slept like crap. (Thanks for asking though.) But that's what happens when I'm away from my lovely wife.

So, I stole her pillow.

So this doesn't sound weird I should probably let you know that she has a good pillow. Mine? It sucks. It's like sleeping on a t-shirt.

She bought me a new one a while ago and told me it was a good pillow.

She lied. It wasn't a good pillow.

But for the next few nights I now have the good pillow.

Wife's been gone:
18.5 hours

Jobs accomplished:
  • I'm working from home this morning. That means I can catch up on some reading while Becca creates an artistic masterpiece that will serve as a farewell present for her teacher today. (Which makes me wonder what teachers do with all the cards and gifts they get.)
  • Lunches made, kids dressed and fed...easy stuff.
Last meal eaten: apple cinnamon cheerios for the kids; grande hot chocolate for me

Background tunes: Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" (I'm sampling it via iTunes and considering a purchase because of Jon's review.)

Overall Status: Alive and well.

In other news, I saw this pop up in a few different places. Funny stuff. (ht Jonathan, Dan)


erin said...

pillow thief...there will be consequences!

unmentionables said...

Note to self.... Bring my pillow. :<)

Todd Porter said...

The Wings would kindly allow the Habs to have the Cup, if they could actually learn how to win it. ;) Maybe your wife will let you cry into her pillow until then. :-P