Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day two...

I understand that some of you may be living vicariously through me as you read about my vacation thus far, so I will continue to enthrall you.  But please know that you may need to seek some outside help for your issues if that is the case.

Anyways...let's get on with it.

Can I just say that I am absolutely LOVING my vacation so far?  Even though I spent most of the day wrestling with computers (blasted networking...Bryce, where are you when I need you?!?!), I was able to just enjoy some quiet around the house as Erin and the kids were out and about.  (Erin has a great story about learning how to poop in a hole.  I won't say any more because it's funnier if I leave it there!)

I got the lawn cut, did some dishes, did a little laundry (yes, please remember that I am domesticated) and even did a little reading.  And while all this was happening I've been listening to/watching all my Dave Matthews Band DVD's.  And here's what I've learned:
Big day huh?

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unmentionables said...

Good ole "Laundry" heh Mike? :<)

Knotter said...

lol...not THAT laundry!