Monday, July 07, 2008

Step on a crack...

Remember that childhood line you would sing out as you jumped over the cracks in the sidewalk?

    "Step on a crack, break your mama's back."

Well, my kids must have been stepping on some cracks.  My wife went toe-to-toe with a trampoline a few weeks ago and lost.  She actually broke a vertebrae in the mishap.

So now she's trying to take it easy and relax.  As of now there is no need for surgery and they expect that she'll heal fully provided she takes care of herself.

We've already had a few AWESOME friends from church provide us with some meals which was a HUGE help.  And I start vacation next week, so we should be able to look after her fairly well so that we can get her back to 100% for our big trip in August.

We'll keep you posted.

If you happen see her, a good conversation starter is anything that doesn't start with "What were YOU doing on a trampoline?!?!"

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unmentionables said...

Tell Erin I am praying for her.