Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things I learned today...

I've lost count of what day I'm on in the vacation-count. I suppose that's a good thing. But it could be really bad too. As long as I don't start forgetting more things.

Now, where was I?



Oh yeah...things I learned today:
  • My kids refuse to sign a waiver so they can participate in father-child bonding moments like the "snake bite" and the "alligator bite". Hey, it's 2008 and I don't want them all of a sudden deciding that I have caused them trauma and then taking me to the cleaners.
  • My daughter is stronger than me. She got her ears pierced (see the above photo for proof) and didn't make a peep. Not a cry, a whimper or even an "ow". When I pierced my ear in college, I almost passed out.
  • I have developed a weakness for books. I have a desire to buy, peruse, read, skim, glance...the list goes on. I added 2 more to my shelf today. I may be addicted.
I've also been pondering this blog lately. I'm thinking that I might want to "add" to the content. I don't know if what I've been posting is really cutting it for me. Sure, it's great to keep track of my reading, but there's got to be something more to this, right?

Since you're my faithful following, what would you be interested in reading about?


Tara said...

I think you should write things that make me laugh. Perhaps you should join up with the old Impact team men... that would be good for a few laughs!

No, I enjoy hearing about your thoughts on ministry stuff and family stuff too.

unmentionables said...

Tell Becca we love her pretty earrings. What a brave girl. Since we are so far away I love hearing about the family. Usually Erin tended to take care of that but I think she got lost in the blogger desert.

Knotter said...

Erin is a weak blogger who couldn't handle to responsibility. She is also afraid of her keyboard.