Friday, July 11, 2008

So close...

I officially start my vacation on Sunday afternoon.

I still need to attend a PROXIMITY for our high school students, host the Sunday morning service, baptize one of our high school girls, and likely attend a picnic in the park.

I spent almost all of yesterday running around with my head cut off while I tried to get everything finished before I jetted out of the office.  And now I'm left wondering what I've forgotten to do.

I hate this stage of "vacation limbo".  I'm so close that I can't wait to feel the freedom of 2 weeks off.  Yet I'm far enough away that I still have work looming overhead.

Maybe "looming" makes me sound like I dread my job.  I don't.  But I'm desperately needing some time off.

And in order to get prepared I took the kids to the library and I picked up a few books.

I'm also hoping to dust off the guitar which hasn't been played in almost 2 weeks.

The break will be nice.

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1 comment:

unmentionables said...

you should see the dust on Blaine's guitar. I miss hearing his twangy practice.:<)