Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is it worth it...

I watched The Dark Knight on IMAX today.

I will now use the word "epic" as I describe the movie.

Enough said.

If you haven't seen it, go watch it now.

And if you have the option of seeing it in IMAX, do yourself the favor.

You'll thank me for it.

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jon said...

epic? i don't know. how about over the top? but we already know we don't have exactly the same taste in movies.

the joker was memorable, that's for sure. was when jack nicholson played him too.

Knotter said...

I thought Jack was great, until I saw Heath.

Heath's a freaking genius with the character! The voice, the mannerisms, the walk...he had it all down.

Did you view it on IMAX. If not, that would explain it, and you'll need to go watch it again! lol

jon said...

i don't know if i can stand to see the CGI on two-face again, especially not on IMAX.

Heath was good, no doubt about it. the nurse leaving the exploding hospital was priceless.

Knotter said...

Ok...I'll grant you the CGI could have been better on Two-Face. It reminded me of the Terminator.