Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Today I realized that I have become what I detest: the lurker!

I check my blog stats from time to time (yes, I'm that geeky) and I am constantly astounded by just how many people read what I write (or at least how many people do a Google search for "flying formation"). Sure, it isn't exactly earth-shattering numbers, but nonetheless it's great to know that I'm wasting some of your time.

But then I start to wonder why more people don't post comments. Are my words not inspiring enough? Not profound enough? Maybe they are too profound?

I pondered as I surfed my way through the content on my Google Reader. Then I paused.

How many blogs do I actually comment on?

Then it dawned on me...I'm a lurker.

So, I'm going to try and branch out a little bit this month. Since I have some extra time with vacation coming, I'm going to try and lurk less.

So...may I swing by for a comment?


Rhoy Pamparo said...

i feel for you as this is what i've been doing also. anyhow, i find your posts interesting and will be frequently visiting here. you have been blog-rolled!

have fun not lurking :)

unmentionables said...

I always want to comment on others blogs but I hate being the only one. It's like one of those you go first situations. Then if no one follows I feel like I am the nerd.

jon said...

i will be glad to have you comment. i know you are reading and want to know if you have anything to say.

i feel it is my solemn duty if i've read something to try to comment if i have anything worthwhile to say, even if it is mere tacit agreement. maybe on my regulars i don't leave a comment every time, because they already know i'm reading.

then again, on super-famous blogs i only bother if i have something particular to contribute. no sense being the 38th comment just to say hello.

one piece of etiquette i read recently and liked was that a comment should never be longer than the original post, unless so invited.

i don't know, its all interesting.

i wish i could hear from more of my lurkers, not just to know they are there, but because half the idea here is to spark dialogue. but we come here for different reasons, and some just to read. but they could at least "check in" once in awhile.

now, the great thing abou this is that i've just broken my own rule and insulted you and everything you stand for by commenting longer than your post! awesome.

Knotter said...

Well Jon, you'll be happy to know that I dont' really subscribe to any set blogging rules, so you can feel free to make your comments as long as possible.

I just won't read them! lol

But thanks to the 3 of you fro stepping out of the shadows! 400 points for each of you.