Monday, July 28, 2008

Short a $1.00...

Somebody needs to come up with some sort of plan for how we can all get more vacation time.

Are you in?

I arrived back from my vacation to find a new monitor on my office desk with a note from our Facilities Manager.

"You owe me big time. Ron."

I think he's after my air conditioned office. But it's going to take more than a monitor to pry this spacious condominium out of my grip.

Seriously, I don't mean to brag, but my office is massive. You should see Brad's. It's like they stuck him in a closet. Me? I've got more room than I did in my old Regina apartment. In that apartment you could not only touch everything in the kitchen without making a step, but you couldn't shut the closet door if there were hangers in it.

I've taken this new office arrival as a sign that it's time to get organized. So, I shuffled some stuff around. I also moved papers from one pile to another pile in another location. I may have even put a book on my shelf. A hard day's work. But I'm well on my way to organization.

I'm open to any suggestions as to how one might actually go about organizing an office. 10,000 points to anyone who can help me out even a little bit.

Back to the work stuff...

My wife and I had a friendly little bet in regards to how many emails would be awaiting me. She went for "93 & under" while I went for "94 & over". She won. I had exactly 93 emails. How does she do that? I believe it may be her evil powers at work. And now I'm short a dollar.

To top it all off, apparently I (and everyone else in the office) can't email. We got hit with some sort of virus around here, so we can't send emails. That means I should probably figure out how to talk to real-time people on the telephone. Either that, or just hold out for the email to get fixed.


unmentionables said...

Hey, you can hire me to organize your office. I am one of those organizing freaks that actually enjoys new projects. Of course they have to be someone else's projects and unfortunately it would cost you more than a dollar. But I will save you money and heartache, one word ..... IKEA!

jon said...

sorry you had to go back to work.

you do have a huge office.

hold out for the emails to be up and running and ride the excuse as far as you can into lethargy.

if only you'd have sent yourself a few emails you'd have beat your wife in that bet.

Knotter said...

IKEA?!?! Great, now I'll have an organized office full of 10,000 left over miscellaneous pieces!

Jon, I was tempted to ask someone to email me when I saw that "93" but I thought my wife could use the $1.00 more than me.

It's kind of like charity.