Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Catalyst West Review (part 2)...

A few highlights from Dan Kimball speaking about the missional church and the need for us to recalibrate church.
  • We are the church. We don't go to church.
  • There is no status difference between paid and unpaid staff.
  • The building is our missional training and support center.
  • It's not God's house.Evangelism is caring about people and going through life with them.

"How can we know anyone if we're so busy with ourselves?" -Dan Kimball

"Not recalibrating theology, but recalibrating how we discuss theology" -Dan Kimball

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Mike said...

Great thoughts. I went to a different workshop during that time slot, so I missed Kimball. I really like that thought of recalibrating how we talk about theology - not the theology itself. I think that's an important distinction that a lot of critics don't naturally make.