Thursday, May 07, 2009

Catalyst West Review (part 3)...

A few quoteworthy items from Erwin McManus' closing session at the Origins Lab.
"We focus so much on a theology of being separated from God that we forget about the theology of everyone being created in His image."

"We're more committed to visual success rather that true transformation."

"Are we willing to risk the loss of our reputation to be part of what Jesus called us to do?"

"There's nothing we do in the first space that isn't heard or known in the third space."

Some of these are still ringing in my ears. As I look at how often I strive to be viewed as successful or I try to gain a good reputation, but I sometimes neglect to ask whether I am truly seeking to be a part of what God is calling me to.

I know that I'm not a complete washout, but I do know that I need plenty of healthy reminders (ie- kick in the butt) from time to time.

How about you?

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jon said...

qutes sound good. but re Kimball i'd say our theology AND the way we discuss it BOTH need recalibrating.