Friday, May 22, 2009

Online sabbatical...

I've been bugging Josh that he's a Facebook addict.

He has co-accused me of being a Twit addict.

It's a never ending argument.

But I recently read a post by Anne Jackson that says some good things about how to know if you are an addict. Quit for two weeks and see how long you last.

Now, I won't be silly enough to do that. But I do need to try this on a small scale. So I'm unplugging for the weekend. No blogging. No Twitter. No Facebook. Nada.

I'll plug back in Monday afternoon and see how things are going.

I'm hoping this can also help prepare me for a message I'm preparing for on June 7th. What is it? Making room in our lives for intentional silence so we can listen for the voice of God.

This is one of the things I need to do in order to make silence.

I'm also tentatively planning on a mini silent retreat On June 1 & 2. I'll keep you posted.

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