Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Weekend Recap...

We ran away this weekend to Seattle. We've been saving up our Starwood points for a while and realized that we could trade them in for a free night's stay, so I took Sunday off and we headed south.

We spent some time at the zoo, we shopped some used music & book stores, we swam in the pool, we slept in, we wandered the Pike Place Market, and we ate on the waterfront. A nice way to spend the weekend.

After we returned home last night we had some friends come over to watch our kids so we could head out with Erin's parents and with Josh to watch the new Star Trek movie. A few random observations from the movie:
  • It's way too distracting when the idiot behind you keeps kicking your chair through the ENTIRE movie
  • Somebody had brutal gas. And it wasn't me.
  • This Star Trek movie was a lot like a Star Wars movie I saw years ago.

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