Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here's a few things that have popped up lately that I'm totally digging musically.

Eddie Kirkland - I was on the hunt for some new music to teach my students, and came across Eddie by way of North Point Music blog (which you should definitely subscribe to if you're involved in worship leading at your church). I immediately bought a few songs from his album Orthodoxy from iTunes. I like Eddie's music, vocals and lyrics...aka the trifecta! I'll suggest you listen to "Hands of the Healer", "Nothing But You", "Sweetest Mystery" or "Never Failed Me".

Glare of Rockets - Mariah sang at Catalyst and I thought she had a great voice, but I'm particularly digging the song "Standing At the Scene".

Dave Matthews Band - This is probably no surprise, but since their newest single hit, I've had it on replay. I wouldn't classify it as an epic DMB song, but I'm still liking it.

Tim Hughes - Once again on the lookout for new music for the band to work on, I discovered this gem called "Holding Nothing Back".

Death Cab For Cutie - Picked up "The Open Door EP" and have enjoyed it.

U2 - Our copy of "Medium, Rare, Remastered" arrived in the mail and I've been enjoying what seems like new music.

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